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About Us

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- Kyanne Stennett, Author, Illustrator & Owner -


BIG QUEEN LITTLE QUEEN PUBLISHING & MEDIA GROUP is an independent Canadian children's book publisher based in Toronto. BQLQ Publishing is committed to publishing DIVERSE & INCLUSIVE books that feature characters from underrepresented communities, I beleive all children should see themsleves in the books they read in the roles thye love no matter the colour of their skin or medical differences.

Big Queen Little Queen was given its name to honour the relationship between my mother and me. She has been my partner in dreaming and number one supporter. My mother taught me to love myself, others and always go for the things I desire despite the challenges.


Every year students go through the Prosthetic and Orthotic technical program and hope to find a great job that
offers them the opportunity to gain experience, develop their skills and demonstrate their knowledge.
Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy for everyone. Some of us battle with mental illness, doubt,
financial problems, complicated family dynamics or sickness. For me, it was sickness; a disability called
sporadic hemiplegic migraines which made it almost impossible to work in a P&O environment. With
the support of my classmates and teachers I was able to graduate and start my own unique P&O
journey! I learned P&O isn’t all about making devices; for some, for me it’s about creating and publishing
children’s books on themes of P&O, self-love, diversity, disability and inclusion.

BQLQ Publishing is a DREAM: a dream of freedom in my creative expression, in things I wish to learn more about and that of which I am passionate. Living this dream is evidence that the hardships in my life don’t define what I am capable of or who I am. It is LOVE: love from my life partner, friends, family, and classmates who encouraged me to follow my heart and never let me give up. I chose to combine my education and field of work with storytelling and art. I want children to feel like they can do anything and have something they can relate to; to SHINE.


In the future, I hope to welcome authors, illustrators and animators into the BQLQ family who share my dream and passion of bringing literature to young readers that teaches new skills, reinforces positive messages, reduces screen time and allows for creativity. Children deserve fun, innovative books that cultivate their literacy and develop their passion for reading.

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