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Help us FILL THE GAP in children's literature on themes of DIVERSITY,DISABILITY & INCLUSION!

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About Big Queen Little Queen Publishing

We are committed to publishing fun, diverse and inclusive children's books that cultivate the literacy and passion for reading of our young readers. Every child deserves to be celebrated in literature no matter the colour of their skin or medical differences.

At BQLQ Publishing we want the children of today to practice inclusive behaviours, be empowered to pursue their dreams and let their uniqueness shine!

Our Products

Children's Storybooks

We have the right book for your child's reading level and age with various themes including superheros, imagination, self-love, prosthetic limbs, empathy, and so much more.

Activity Books

Big Queen Little Queen children's activity books are packed with games,  puzzles, and engaging activities. Kids can develop their mind and learn while having fun!

Specialty Gifts

Find the perfect gift from our Big Queen Little Queen specialty merchandise. We have mugs, bookmarks, and clothing,

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